Yuleisy Cruz Lezcano ( Cuba – Italy)

Yuleisy Cruz Lezcano ( Cuba – Italy)
Published works “Pensieri trasognati per un sogno”, 2013. “Fra distruzione e rinascita: la vita” , 2014. “Diario di una ipocrita”, 2014. “Vita su un ponte di legno”, 2014. “Cuori Attorno a una favola”, 2014. “Tracce di semi sonori con i colori della vita”, 2014. “Sensi da sfogliare”, 2014. “Piccoli fermioni d’amore”, 2015; “ Due amanti noi”, 2015, “Credibili incertezze, 2016” “Frammenti di sole e nebbia sull’Appennino, 2016”, “Soffio di anime erranti”, 2017.
Smile of Life
Do not drink to the sake of the world
if you are alone.
Love is not saint’s work,
it’s not pitiful getaway
of an occasional form of mystery,
it is not the victory of accepting
the lament of another one.
Love is made of light that feeds the ominous chasms of the soul,
it is not the caressing of trophies,
but it is the arrived chant
that becomes orchestra
when the thirst at that time
it goes off in the throat
with a life’s smile
that on the lips sings.
Take this cloud blind of petals,
hug her in your hand,
love this piece of sleeping lymph
that can not cry,
while losing her life
Kiss the flower,
seal the love, at dawn,
and when the sun rises up,
drink as a butterfly
the last sigh of the floating flower.
Over small barques,
an anonymous body
of itinerant rose, already distant,
it hurts in the throat,
where the silence sings
in the name of the rose that dies.
I gift you a tear
I gift you a tear
hardened by time
that rolls between old words
that reverberates very deep inside.
I gift you a tear
that narrows in grief,
that it shatters in the memory
of a poor dream.
I gift you a tear
in a blow of pollen,
in a gallop of birds
that does not contain the madness
that it remembers.
I gift you a tear
in an imperfect drop
that cries for the universal hunger
from the hollow orbits of the eyes.
I gift you a tear
that goes through the memory
prisoner in a drop
it slides away.

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