Poem by Jagdish Prakash

Poem by Jagdish Prakash



Soliloquies wrapped in words,
Words wrapped in memories
Memories sizzling in silence
over happenings of yesterdays,
Which I share with a TV anchor
With passive glances
Hardly following her words
But her body contours
Rise and fall of her bosom
Rhythmically flowing with her words
Which I half-follow
Stay with me
Till I half sleep after her show.

Why some half words become
part of memories
Repeating again and again,
Like soliloquies in the echo chamber
Of happenings?
When ghosts of yesterdays
Take the stage
After the TV show
And tumble out the sack of memories
Sifting some half words,
Some unspoken words
From which
I pick up those words
Which we shared on one silent moonlit night
Sitting beyond midnight,
Feeling each other through our body pores
In the wilderness of Rann of Kutchh.
When cool winds nudged for a encore
Till the day break.

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