Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis



I wanted
Your words hugging me
In fact, what I really wanted
It was your words
Being your arms
Your legs
Your hands
Your mouth
Your eyes
Your ears
Do you know why honeycomb?
I wanted your arms
Wrapping Me
Against your chest
I wanted your legs
Twisted in mine
Your hands touching my whole body
Your mouth drinking my spicy and sweet love
Your eyes, staring at me with delight
And I, hypnotized smiling!
Your ears …
Alas thine ears
I would gently dump
Sweetly sung kisses
And you fell asleep and woke up
Forever by my side
You are everything I want!
My dreams for now …
On a coming day, they will be ours!
In the unfeasibility
Of having already you, this way…
I’m happy
With your words hugging me!


Come, love

You are strong air of the sea 
That sweeps my burning body
Thirsty of you!

You are fresh water
That trickles down my boiling body
And refreshes and caresses me
Break the boil …
Quiet the heart!

You are the cascade where I shower naked
Where a thousand kisses seduce me
And captivate me
A million hugs dominate the frenzy .

Come, love
Dilute yourself in me
Under the scorching moonlight
That comes from the moon!
And you came afraid but you came!

What did you fear, my love
That I could not love you
That I did not want you anymore?

Our bodies have vibrated in unison
Our souls have merged
Our hearts have become Siamese
Our fluids run together on the same river
How many months to get to the sea?

What does it matter now?
Time has stopped, there is no time
We are together
We’ll get there


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