Tareq Samin (Bangladesh)

Tareq Samin (Bangladesh)
Tareq Samin is a Bangladeshi Poet, Author and Editor, born in Tangail, in 1977. He is the Editor and Publisher of Bengali Literary Magazine ‘Sahitto’. He also wrote short stories and Novel.
He is the author of the poetry collections ‘The Lost Poet’, a collection of 49 poems, ‘Nonviolent Revolutionaries’ is a collection of 14 Short Stories and Novel ‘Shahrin-Suja’. Some of his poems are translated in English, German, Slovak, Turkish and Hungarian Languages.
Nature, Love and humanism are central to his work.
Message Of the Soul
You’re a human,
The whole world is your homeland,
Regardless of race, religion and ethnicity
All human are relatives,
Your religion is humanity.
Thou human,
God’s representative
Throughout the world is your temples
You are the worshipper of love.
Love compassion affection are where
be there.
Hatred, pride and
pollution spreading thoughts
those are in your heart too;
However, do not cherish those
(You) reign them.
Better Days will Come
Do not give up, in temporary uncertainty
Better days are coming in silent peace.
The long lasting mountain peak
suddenly opened itself,
give birth of many islands to settled new life.
Water breaking the boundaries of bound
waves will wash out garbage
indeed, silt soil will fertile land .
April cyclone rain will remove debris, dust
plant new buds in trees.
air whisper with sky change is near by
sin of birth after rebirth, and the pollution of mind
will be lost in love of creative people;
Do not leave the helm, confusion is temporary.
What is wrong will be removed
lies burn to ashes
truth, rightness, creativity like friend’s hand
will give you excellence.
Those who know how to die, will live
The dilapidated old
wants to stick in false,
they have to go out of the way
assaulted or voluntarily.
People around the world to fly the flag high
wants to build the truth,
the time is coming
willingly or unwillingly.
Those who know how to break, they will build
Those who know how to die, they will live
Why to fear the change?
If you like to live like human
science is all you need to know.
The dilapidated old
wants to cling false,
they have to go out of the way
assaulted or willingly.
In memory of Poet Allen Ginsberg
Beside the ‘Jessore road’ under the trees
Broken camp; humen covered with polythene,
Thin naked body, hollow eyes
Near Bangaon border in September’ 1971.
Allen Ginsberg angered in grieves;
insulting his almighty government
He wrote the immortal poem, “September on Jessore Road”. Millions of East Pakistani refugees
Mourning, anguished and tremble of grief
afraid of torture , inhuman horror of war.
Hyena-like Kissinger-Bhutto’s atrocities
Yahya’s bayonet-bullet-bombs and bloody wounds
Howl of Bengal, silent in Western world.
Allen Ginsberg seen in small scale
Yet the poet’s heart has felt countless
Sorrows of Human-soul.

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