Poem by Margaret Kowalewska

Poem by Margaret Kowalewska



If I die tomorrow, rivers will still flow
The sun will still gaze like an amber stone
My spirit will wonder flying just above
the winding meadows with jewelled butterflies

I will bid the last adieu to the amethyst skies
and seek faces of the people that I dearly loved
Their image, I will carry with me to the stars

If I can help them in any way from there
And perhaps I am able of miracles, small
to make their life easier so they can carry on

If tomorrow, I will die, how would I even know
if I died or not? Will my angel guides tell me so?
Perhaps I will see my loving parents there
waiting to guide me to the heavens gate

Still the imprints of my soul, will remain here on earth.
on the trees that we hugged, in the songs we sang,
in the sweetest heart of yours that I love most of all

I will carry you in my soul till this world will go on
You, the pulse of my life, with eternal flame will glow

© Margaret Kowalewska
28 January 2019

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