Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


Writing is My Venture!

Writing poetry is my independent venture
Without any model to follow in the world;
The ideas I cherish most I write in my
Articles and poems as and when I can ever!

All my creative works are praised as one
Of a kind in the world of literature sure;
I write about Nature, life, love, beauty,
One World touching history, philosophy, etc.

There may be coincidences with other writers
Of my kind, but, they are all not my models and
I don’t follow them ever since I have started
To write my views, ideas and dreams since long!

All my ideas I advocate are based on my dreams,
Vision and imagination for the well being of
The world of humankind and I leave them as my
Legacy for posterity for the benefit of all…!


Natural Justice (Dharma) Will Take Revenge!

Unable to act according to the sense of justice,
Many take different routes to get fulfilment…;
Records of critics and poets are the eye opener
For many in the world we are all partners ever..!

Many unfulfilled dreams are still alive in their
Words in whatever things they incorporate in their
Publications whether all and others read to know
Reality or not in the fast uncertain world ever!

But truth will rise high to engulf all injustice
Being perpetrated by malfunctioning men in all
Walks of life everywhere in the world we see and
Get disgusted cursing for their downfalls soon..!

To protect Justice, man-made laws are there here;
Even if they fail, natural justice will take revenge!


When Will the Horizon Touch the Sky?

Creativity is the work of everyone with some skill sure;
Work of creativity lasts as long as talent is there;
Work of creativity lasts long till the genius is there;
But eternal creativity is generated by the everlasting God!

Creativity starts with the urge of painting or writing;
When it will begin and when it will end none can say for sure;
Creativity starts like water falls from the top of the mountain
And flows freely like a smooth river till it meets the ocean!

Creativity is an adventure that goes on like sea to the horizon
And the vastness of horizon continues as if it will touch the sky;
But there is no end for the zeal of creativity of the urge in one
As there is no point of meeting between sea and sky forever sure!

Sea at the horizon seems to meet the sky for the eyes of the onlooker;
But the longing to see the meeting of sea and sky never stops in life!

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