In Lord’s Afterthought / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali


In Lord’s Afterthought

On the Seventh Day
the Lord rested
and then wept upon an afterthought

The unruly recusant of Elysian delicacies
Be sentenced to capital Love and to surrender
in lifetimes of obedience
to the etiquettes of Pandemonium

Enkindled in ripened incense
of wild roses
though fettered and shackled
to a ray of rationale
a smile of freedom
I am falling in Love with you
in all my incendiary adhesions

Sometimes l love you
to be loved like a monarch
as the Lord would have
Had been He
only a Human with no fanfare
no bandwagon of angels
only a Human
Lonely – a Human

But most of the time
My love
I love you like a fallen naive on his face
from an unbridled stallion in full moon nights
Lunacy for the sea………

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