Poems by Irannii Saikia

Poems by Irannii Saikia


 Through The Earth 
I’m An Infinite Thought 

I felt shy 
While the crescent appeared
as a bow !
Thoughts had been crushed
Within poles and axis
Between hemisphere and equator
Where meridians have crafted as grid.
Be a map or Atlas and a globe
As a sylvan then, I feel lofty.
I swung all around
Whether he or she dimly guess,
And heard a swash of echo
Though mount of fire that
smash by heavenly power
in my heart !
Sunshine then raise up
At first in the high.
Sustain thoughts,
Equally and gradually
As a flaxible twig
I ran and ran within that grid
to save myself.
Through the earth, still I’m a thought of infinity !

Irannii Saikia, ( 31-01-2019 )
All right reserved@Irannii Rani Saikia


Anywhere I Can Feel You 

Taking after birth
By a moral right
Through as childhood, teenager
And as youngster or elder.
I can feel
The way of divine
By a soul.
Keeping a mum
With round dealings
You appear as a propeller !
Though earliest prophet
I heard,
And seen
In there, you are moving as a trunk
Beyond your’s gigantic body
between windy and cloudy!
It’s something majestic
I feel that bliss
Anywhere in at gloomy night
and in sunny bright.
Not to easy
Without stress to feel this heavenly!
I can and shall be take a test
In the end of my death !

With Best Regards

@Irannii Saikia
All right reserved@Irannii Rani Saikia
( 20-01-2019 )


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