Alfred ASIS (Chile)

Alfred ASIS (Chile)
Consul of Isla Negra and Littoral of the poets, “Poets of the world”, Isla Negra, Chile.
Ambassador of Peace, “Universal Circle of Ambassadors for Peace” France-Switzerland.
Member of the Chilean Writers’ Society.
Member of the Vallejianos Studies Institute of Trujillo-Peru
Universal Ambassador of Culture, Tarija-Bolivia.
Cultural instrumental poet, Brazilian Poetic Academy.
Illustrious visit of the Inca imperial city of Cusco.
Prominent adopted son of Santiago de Chuco, Capital of Peruvian poetry.
Springs of your tears
Come to my soul
With the infinite sweetness
Of your calm eyes,
And when the moon calls me
From the sky to the meadow
It bathes my body and falls thin
As sowing my soul
More to the arrival of the sun
Your meadows are lit, your crazy ways,
Your pleasant image
Producing in me, expecting flavors
And you make me spill words
For the mountains and seas,
Even beyond the universe
With unbridled force.
Search in the silence the noise of your soul,
Look in the soul for the presence of your spirit.
You will realize that they are
Many things around you
And many beings who love you,
Those who are always thinking of you
Wishing you the best of life.
With your faith and good thinking
There will be no stumbling blocks in your way,
Stars are not only in heaven,
There are also in the sea,
In the shadows and in your home.
I want to shipwreck
In a tear of yours.
Sinking me into the abyss
Of your body.
Sailing the lake
Of your own desires.
Surrounding me with your breath.
Sowing your lips
With my kisses,
To leave my sobbing footprint
In your intimacy,
And be carried by the wind.
Translated by: Alicia Minjarez Ramírez

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