Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

Poems by  Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



Let meekly eyed peace and love espy in our countries
Chasing all our painfulness of afflictions
Flashing a lovable lightening from the skies
Gleaming all our lands with tranquil citations

Without love the peace is nothing in our nations
Let us open an eyed peace and love with harmony
Blessing our living through the structure of edifications
Caring all our spirits of life with its genuine love not phony

Let meekly eyed peace and love espy in our continents
With a drop of tears full of highly creamy love and peace
Bathing our lands so wholesomely,without disheartenments
Chasing all nefarious spirits with its lofty affiance

Peace and love are only pillars that brings us a freedom
From painfully endless wars and brutal thralldom
Let us gleam all eyes of love and peace in our hearts
Building an edifice of no worries&problemata thru its pristine spirits.


(21st May 2019)

I hear the drumbeats
of hope from
this certification

Certification of annexing
in me
a beautiful joyousness

Although other people
to me
they depositing a detestation

But the new
light of lamp
is full of responsibleness

My expedition
is to convey
the splendor of speechification

Onto the public interest
with profoundly
pristine passion

For glowing
every colour like fire
so multifaceted

And seethe
all the detesters’ minds
in motif of perplexed

My ballot
is ready to gleam
the leader I always need

The leader
who is the verisimilar
son of the soil

The leader
who always detest
the purest spirit of greed

The leader
who always detest
the political turmoil

The leader
Who always carry the triumph
following a confrontation of obstacles

My lifeful thoughts
are already in this party
Party of having a lofty manifesto

Yes! they are already
in this party
party of no tribalism,regionalism tattoo

My brainy dreaminess
is still in visionary dreaminess
that I dreams my visionary leadership

Yes!! I tried to hear
a nursery speechification
which bestowing an immature futurity

Road to 21st
will soon be fed by
Multifaceted colours and flags

Colours and flags
Are new and old parties.



Dear sun
In the dayspring turn up to me
With wholly widest warmth
Feed me a salubrity as the theme
Bake my mind with your mirth

Dear sun
Love me with your sunshine
Linkable love lead a light
That you are a motif of genuine
Gleaming my day so bright

Dear sun
Beckon for me the moonlight
When you are gone to west
The moon is a narrative light
Narrating the folklores of best

Dear sun
Shake my memories at deadnight
When you are still at the side of west
Wait for the day you reborn in daylight
The night is a master dreamer of no worst.

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