Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 



I like to gaze
Inside your eyes
To search where
My love really dwells.

I like to be
Next to you
To inhale your
Sweet scented breath .

Let my heart
Spell your name
Along with the melody
Of its rhythmical beats.

The cause of my
Own creation, is you
Believe me ! I live here
That is because of you .

I imprison your beauty
Inside my eyelids
To carry it
Until I die.

I observe you in dream
And too in day beams
I project you to be there
Wherever I go.

You are shadow
Of my own body
Only one reflection
Of two bodies.

You are sweet voice
Of my words
Two sounds unite
For one echo.

I love you the way
No one has loved
Before, yet
As I love.



Imagination of alluring femininity
Enforced omnipotent God
To create beauty in you .

That is why, I witnessed
You in each and every
Particle of universe.

You are a candle of love
It makes me always feel
Presence of light in dark .

I experience rainbow hues
As infinity of your love
In flight of butterfly.

No aesthetic beauty is there
Worth for comparision
With your eternal beauty.

Reflection of your image
In calm surface of water
Enough to create noisy ripples .

How lunatic I am, you may think
I regard you as a rational
Cause of creation.

The winds blow around me
That carry sweet fragrance
Whispering your name .

Each drop of morning dew
That reminds me as
Tears of your pain.

Water – splashing dolphins
Leaping herd of deers
Remind your fickleness.

Although miles away from me
I have always felt you
By the side of me.

I have observed so many times
Green meadows sway in trance
Just to greet you as insane.

Feeling of a surge of chill in spine
Reminds me again and again
Melody of love, we’ve experienced.