Colour / Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray
Be it the colour of the rainbow
Or Holi- the festival of colour
All colours are colourless
They are black and white not less.
Life’s colour we add in myriad ways
Laughter,cry,grief, depression are just shades
All human emotions are colourless
They are white and black at the base.
White is the breeding ground of all colours
Only black stands as it’s counterpart
These two are original by birth
All others are by product like warth.
Birth or death engulfs all as such
Colours of life is acquired , intrinsic not
We are white along with black by worth
On white canvas of life black harmonises it’s growth
©® Dr. Alok Kumar Ray,
Kendrapara, Odisha, India.

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