Rainman / Poem by Sher Ali Khan

Poem by Sher Ali Khan



My eyes scan the horizon
See a half sky
Menaced by a storm 
The other half
Bathed in the sunlight
Of a setting Sun
I am in a cusp of contradictions
Or a melding of opposites
Is there no certainty ?
Can everything be explained
Then re-explained in the opposite
And I wonder if my spirit
Is in friction
With the outside world .

I heed that call
The call of my spirit
Enticed with magic aspirations
The moon climbing the heavens
The hoot of an owl
Reading clouds and odours
Through dark mists and solitude
Holding intelligence above magic
Wisdom above intelligence
To recognize the entire universe
Stars, spirits , men and beasts
To never abandon love
Despite foolish desires and folly
Yet also to indulge
In order to understand
Yes I will nourish my soul
With the truth
That we too are spirit and love
That longs for enoblement.

I won’t be like a hermit
I know the deep layers
Of my soul will respond
To scenes, sounds and smells
The joy of living in my senses
Exhilarations of breath
Beating of an excited heart
The blending of people
Bewitched by the moon
Perfumed by herbs
Wrestling the external
Grappling with the sensual
And not in the mind only
No , i don’t just
Want to discuss music
I want to play an instrument.

Today I make rain , warm rain
In my mind and on my skin
Lit by shafts of light
Diffusing through breaks
In the clouds
Glistening rainbow colored drops
Abandon myself and run wildly
In the drenching shower
Emerge naked from
The forest of inhibitions
Stamp my feet , wave my arms
Sloshing in puddles
Toes squelching in the mud
Go distill your extracts
For particular purpose
Today i am dancing for rain
Living in experience
Shouting, singing and dancing
Wet , playing piano and air guitar.

@Sher Ali Khan 
2019/01/ 07

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