The Morning Bliss / Poem by Muhammad Azram

Poem by Muhammad Azram


The Morning Bliss

O my beloved
Lets open ourselves
To morning bliss 
For unique tastes of verve

Lets walk with morning breeze
Coming straight from the heaven

Lets inhale all freshness
Before inferno of the day
Simmer it into deleterious day

Lets listen to serenity
And songs of the nature
Before nature relent to noisy day

Lets see prisms of nature
Reflecting and projecting
True colors of light and nature

Lets walk my beloved
With Moring bliss
Hand in hand, step with step
Inhaling the fragrance of serene dawn
Tasting every pearl on our bare feet
On green grass, kissing morning droplets
Lets walk with morning bliss
To taste our love with morning delight
And taste candid life with eternal bliss

08/02/2017, All Rights reserved

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