UNREST / Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis



I give a thousand and one turns in bed
Unable to fall asleep
I think of you and think again 
I don’t know what else to do
I’m stretching my arm
In the vain illusion of touching you
But I know you’re not here
I know you’ve never been
So why do I stretch my arm?
It was just to comfort me
I can’t take it anymore
This wanting you make me crazy
And I get up of bed to silence my body
And calm down my spirit
But it will not be quiet
Cry and shout
Wanting to love you
I damage the floor with my up and down
What the hell is this unrest?
I can’t stop thinking about you
Finally already tired
I sit down on a chair
I hide my face in my arms
But it’s not a joke
And it begins to appear in me
The hidden desire to have you here
I feel your hands
Caressing my whole body
Making me screaming and moaning
As if reading a music sheet
Of flats and sharps
I’m going to hell and heaven
And on the way, i’ll get some suns
And also some stars of smaller size
And much more smaller flame
That I keep in the sheets
I got out of bed
Because in life it’s like that
Not everything can be great
We have to be happy
With what we have
To think so much we were in tune
I dressed on lace and silk
And i made nice the bed
You showed up at dawn
Already early in the morning
With marigold in a basket
but still in time to get our feet together
My love, don’t doubt the one who loves you
Do not stop being who you are
I love you !



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