Letters From The Battlefield In Jammu Kashmir / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Poem by Linda B. Scanlan
Letters From The Battlefield In
Jammu Kashmir
Dear Linn –
I haven’t written in a while
hope you weren’t worried
I was shot…..they shot me Linn….
Walking toward home
minding my own business
all of a sudden trucks with soldiers piled high in them
heard roaring down the road….
They scrambled out into the street
cockroaches swarming
frightening how quickly they surrounded us
feeling violated and nervous…..
We were a small crowd
heard soldiers shouting
“there are terrorists hidden here
this is the neighborhood we were told”
false reports Linn
brutal men acting viciously on stories
of fake news…..
No no no….we cried in unison
there is no one hidden here…….
Suddenly shots rang out
in all directions
screams and sprays of blood soaking the snow
I knew was hit
dropped to the ground
not remembering what happened after that…..
Pellets injured my eyes ….
my biggest fear
not to die
to lose sight
my worst nightmare …..
I prayed harder than ever before
the doctors were attentive
my sight was saved
I was blessed
yet sadly
cannot say the same of many others…….
I’m just a kid myself…..
I’m scared all the time
they call it PTSD
depression overwhelms
anxiety consumes
now me……now me…..now me……

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