Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



Life is so sweet ,soft and hard
A living and dying man knows
Truth symphony on his lips
Can you hear that buzzing of bees ?

O! Earth what changes you’ve seen ?
On the shore or in the silent sea
I talked lovely life for its art
Break break the silence of the soul

How that news dagger my mystic heart
Authority forget black stone and dark night
I just heard the new cat from Punjab
How happy I’m here !

Beautiful nightingales voice arrested me
Many times liberty or death
I saw those pale critics ,death pale them
I surprised as a lonely lion.



Pearls of her wisdom surprised me
Tears of her heart talks with love and glee
Ah ! Amazing angel with fragrance
In this busy world best wishes send

Either knowledgeable or a great critic
God telling me to love all for humanity
In trashy expression I searched beauty
Neither outsiders nor fake

An orator ,a poet taste always good cake
Wisdom of beautiful flower
Spreading flowers as heavenly rain
Rainbow of her criticism amazed me

What a wonderful experience !
In this beautiful journey of life
Literature is worship for us
To whom who love it in strife.



Listening songs of praise
To awake in all the courage
Calling them to see world 
Through bright mystical eyes

Golden rays amazing all
Ah ! What a wonderful world !
Neither jealous not stressed
Happiness everywhere

Young blood looking forward
To serve nation and to gaurd
Shining stars for sharing love
To see them Smiling my heart

What a great blessing for them !
God is kind for everyone.

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