Hark ! It’s Spring ( in my hometown) / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Hark ! It’s Spring
( in my hometown)
In the land where I was born
Spring comes like a school girl playing hide and seek
The mellow sun ,orange and plump
Wading through baby blue skies
Clear as the waters of a lake in the Himalayas
The first soft lime green tendril unfurls like a timid peace flag
Softer than love pliable as clay
It never fails to tug at my heart strings
With its brave arrival
The heady fragrance of mango blossoms weighing down
the mighty trees in Pinjore gardens
Amidst the cheerful chirping of delighted birds back home from their winter migratory trips
While the last of the water fowl wing back home after flapping in the Sukhna Lake
The bees buzz noisily droning their exuberance around the intoxicating flowers
The myriad shades of the tightly wrapped rose buds
in the Zakir Rose garden
Proclaiming spring with a hurrah
Some shy peach and blushing
Others pink as English damsels
Scarlet herrings luscious and passionate
Maroon melodies maddening the senses
Warm yellows Sunny and smiling
Roses for every beloved or friend
The Shivalik hills freshly washed
Green mounds inviting motorcyclists
And eager trysts with cool climes
the dash uphill to breathe oxygen laden breeze
Smelling of pines ripe with mystery
Spring doing its flowery act on radiant hues
I know it’s time to go home
When the Koel sings for me
Along with begum Akhtar
lost in the lush green tree.
Copyright Lily Swarn 20.3.2017

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