Winner of ALL INDIA POETESS 2016 and a well-known English Poet at Realistic Poetry International organization in , Arizona US “Wake up with new creative ideas and design that thought into dreams of your life”.
Grown up in mystic beauty of Meghalaya valleys , Shillong as an avid nature lover and music lover begin writing her collection of poems in 2016 , while waiting for someone to muse her as a poet. She believes in her creative potential and her inside strength to overcome any obstacles in her career or life.
Her education background shows her compassion for academics as she is MA in English Lit.(2017) and holding dual degree in BA Journalism & Mass Com with BA English Honors in the same year 2014.
At present she is keenly involved in Research studies and working as News Reporter for a public broadcast.
She patterns her small brain with philosophy of humanity and stirring poems of Romantics Poets. She is admired and appreciated by many of distinguished personality on her social media especially twitter .
I bloom alike flowers of earth
In the lovely lover’s island
I enchanted my rosy face
Whilst I cherish beauty and charm
Amidst red hibiscus in the garden
Someone was gawking me, with grubby eyes
I wasn’t knowing ill-rage was out-boarding against me,
I wasn’t aware my soul was about to brutally murdered ,
In cruel corner , my flesh and bones were about to bleed!
Whilst I was rejoicing mild scents on my palms
Amidst wilderness of country paradise
When butterfly keeps kissing mine cheeks
I wasn’t aware of intention of known- old devil
While I am passing through joyful musings , Shadowed —-
Through the thorny grasslands , in dark fateful evening
Oh ! I am now been turned into raw nightmare
To be remembered by world , for my lost virginity
And wrapped in blood of agony , disgrace, bitter tears
Dipping from my heart , each drop of demolished dreams
Oh! Who shall I blame for my ruined bliss of heart ?
Tainted with smear of dark hands , alike wildflowers
And sinking my pure souls to the depth of grave
Fleeing across the muddy streams……and
Now I am lifeless petals dried and dusted
With no glow left inside , detached from earth !!
My country Soldier , today turned into Black rose
Moment of mourning in honour; fetched tears in my eyes
Across the line of control , while smashing at enemies
Attacking them , dripping blood from heart while triggering guns
Ohh ! my Country Soldier turned into Black rose
While I was looking at unlocked door to receive him
They were at battle of death , crying in proud for countrymen
Who shall take revenge and avenge for loyal patriotism?
Every breath of my warriors uproar for Fight the Fight !
Wounded heart deliberately opened for big surgery
And I realize every home calling for eternal death
O! my heart ached and piercing sharp thorn of black rose
My country soldiers today, turned into Black rose
And I was just a mere spectator over his supreme sacrifice
Waiting for another history to be created , in the future
O ! When shall I live my pride and dignity in land of brave hearts?
Soul Blossom
Once under the Gulmohar blooms
Rejoicing sweet love and charm of Nature
My soul got captured in the beauty
Of colorful petals dancing and swinging
With soft breeze around
And I was feeling a butterfly inside my heart
Fluttering my wings of desire
In glittering Romance of garden
For a while I was wondering
Am I only the wanderer
And before I sing my last song
All of sudden my soul vanished.
©Priyanka Raj 2019

2 thoughts on “PRIYANKA S. RAJ (India)

  1. Three poems, three moods! From concerns of fears of defilement in the first poem, the poet widens her canvas The second poem is an euology for the forgotten soldier whose circles are centre’s round protection of the motherland. From here she celebrates nature fusing her own inner core with the blossoming Gulmohar.
    I congratulate her. She has a long way to go.

    • To Jagdish Prakash

      I am highly impressed the way you have captured the intention and feelings of three poems. You have actually succeeded in portraying the right theme and cause for my all the three poems. I am am thankful for your best wishes and request you to read my book #SOCIAL BLUES Beyond SOLEMN BALLADRY
      available on Amazon. In / Amazon. Com

      This is collection of class contemporary themes with hues of social moods

      Thank you
      Priyanka S Raj

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