Eden Soriano Trinidad (Philippines)

Eden Soriano Trinidad (Philippines)

Eden Soriano Trinidad was born in Philippines.
A License Professional Teacher.
In 1991- She pioneered the establishment of a mission school and currently the School Director of that school, Registered as Lucio Abrigo Memorial Learning Center, Inc.
Her 1st Poetry Book titled “EDEN BLOOMS” is a collection of her own compositions.
She is one of the main Author of “PLETHORA OF POETRY”, a book of poetry by Zambaleno Poets.
Several poems of her have been featured in ATUNISPOETRY.COM
She is the Founder of LAMLC Poetry KIDS.
She write poems in English and Filipino Languages and in Sambal, her own dialect.
She is currently working on Eden Blooms 2 “Symphony of Souls”, “Sambal Poetry Collections”, and the translation of the story of a Hindu Legend in Filipino Language.
She has written the article about Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry World: The 2nd Coming to Africa during the International Humanitarian Conference (IHC) 2018, held in Ghana Africa.
September 29, 2018 – bestowed upon her an International Humanitarian Award as top delegate and speaker during the International Humanitarian Conference (IHC) by Hafrikan Prince Art World Founder & CEO Dr. Waheed Musah in the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana, Africa.
July 31, 2018 – bestowed upon her a Medallion and Plaque of Recognition as PENTASI B World Featured Poet 2018 by the founder of Pentasi B and father of Visual Poetry Doc Penpen.
June –August 2018- Department of Education featured her poem titled “May Isang Guro” (Once There Was a Teacher) in DEPED ZAMBALES JOURNAL, Zambales, Philippines.
Consumed by the burning desire
of our own anxious cares
“Like a deer that pants for water.”
We lust for glory, wealth and power.
Like King Nebuchadnezzar
who hankered to rule the Babylonians,
The Desire for truth and vengeance
as mothers mourned for their slain sons.
Some Desire nothing but to cut short their life
Because of disgrace, wallowing in the pit despondence.
Some men Desire to roam the world like Jim Rogers
Who navigated the world in his motor bicycle.
Others Desire to gain more knowledge in the timelessness of skies.
They Desire to be the best and be at the top of Forbes lists.
Like a love ~ struck teenager eyeing the man of her dreams.
Ah, Desire will never be devoured by the fire!
Desire will always make innuendoes that creep in the muted silence of our hearts.
As men continue to desire the riches of here, now and herein after
May we desire not the glittering jewels,
But be steadfast in wanting pristine affection
Like ribbons unfurling the sheen of each and every pearl.
Made in The Philippines
Abroad, she is just but a domestic helper
But look at her now, even for just a second
Back in her hometown, she’s a fashion icon.
What is wrong with those flamers and commenters?
Would you rather that she remains wearing a maid’s uniform?
As she strolls, do window- shops at the malls?
Wearing shiny leather boots while scrubbing the floor?
Royalty while she washes the dishes and laundry?
So what if Cinderella is just a servant abroad
But transforms into a fashion model back home?
True, she is not just a sophisticated fashion model
And an elegant, smart beauty queen
For indeed, she is our beloved country’s beloved modern heroin
Leaving her dear ones to work in a foreign land
Sacrificing a lot to give her family a better living.
Filipinos often brings home honor and beauty crowns
We do have endless supply of beautiful Filipinas
And our pound-for-pound boxer is a plus.
Remarkable, wonderful, the best overseas Filipino workers ever!
I’m a proud, true – blue Filipino.
And for my God and country, “no bitter pill to swallow”.
He is the God with Ears that hear
the quiet supplication of a trembling sinner.
No Other God like Him!
The God with Eyes that penetrates our inner most core
The God with Hands that intervenes in the affairs of men.
No other God like Him!
The God with Voice that speaks to us as the wind rises
as sharp, deafening thunders rumble
and as lightning sparks and strikes several hundred million bolts.
No other God like Him!
He sends rain to the just and the unjust.
To the good and bad alike
To the poorest of the poor
To those whose pockets are full.
To the pleasant and the despicable.
Yes, there is no other God like Him!
We have not seen His gracious face,
Yet He can be felt anytime anywhere
He is my God, the forgiving, tender, loving God.
He is the Almighty, the True, Living God.
Wish I could be there with you,
Just to listen to you.
While you outpour life’s disappointments.
You have endured so much without any ranting.
Life is not friendly with you.
Your spirit has been broken.
You look so devastated,
Torn and dismayed.
I wish I could be there beside you
Just to hold your hands tightly
And lock my eyes with you.
Your thin hands cover your face
While you retell your brokenness
Disgusted, you hide your sadness.
Wish I could be with you and hug you all night
To wipe the rolling tears
From your disbelieving eyes.
And caress you and shower you
With my tenderness smile
Just to let you know…
I care about you, I care about you, I care about you!

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