Muhammad Azram ( Pakistan)

Muhammad Azram ( Pakistan)
Poet and Author Muhammad Azram hails from Pakistan. He is Professionally a IT Pogrammer and Web Developer. He has emerged in the world of literature with no formal institutional background in literature, yet he stands firm on the ground of art and literature. He cultivates his zest throughout his flowing ideas into ever fertile soils of poetry, seeking to feel so deeply to connect within life’s inner dialogues and monologues. His literary work and books continue to be published widely and his poems reside in numerous international anthologies and magazines. His selected work has been translated into Albanian, Spanish, French, Serbian, Italian, Arabic and other international languages. He is member of Number of literary organizations and representing Pakistan. He is conferred with international Awards and literary honors by various International Literary Organizations.
What will happen?
And when will that happen?
It will not be new and unknown
To me, to you and to nature
Life is packed with
Philosophy of emanation
And irrepressible radiation
A series of process
Before the every beginning
There is an inimitable beginning
And After every ending
There is another exclusive end
Life is miraculously bonded
With broken chains
Beginning after beginning
Termination of termination;
There to be broken and busted
There is nothing alike
Yet there is nothing different
Same process and identical creation
There is a difference
Yet there is no alikeness
And unmatchable difference in alikeness
Nothing is new to know
Yet the entire is unknown and undiscovered.
Spruced in time
Amid and surrounded
By net of moments
Shirking a moment
For a moment or covet
Fleeing from jaws of time
And marvel on the trend
Death of moment results
Death rendezvous with time
Take life into vastness
What will happen?
Will it be a pleasure or treasure?
When I will break a net of these moments
And flee myself from nets of time
Succession will surely
Take me out of the existence
Of reason and wobbly presence, and
Take me into vast lands of cosmic fortitude
And failure will honor me
The unchanged divine mortality
That relentlessly honors me philosophy
Of transformation to a undying eternity.
Aside me or escape me
And endow your incidence
Devoid of my presence
Neither I am complete
Nor you: O my addressees
And neither what is Living
Within and around me
Nothing is complete
Neither the face of nature
Complete without you
Nor world is perfect without me
[I] neither completes
Without [You] as bystander
And without having a witness of me
You are completely blind sighted
Without having me as spottiness
Completeness is not wholeness
Wholeness is relative; not absoluteness
Completeness is in richness; and opulence
The fullness, the entireness, the wholeness.

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