Poems by Sabrina Young

Poems by Sabrina Young


Conversations In The DarK

As the day fades and darkness calms the night
tranquility bathes my soul in the peace and gentle quiet .
I search for you in the shadows of my mind
no one else could ever mend this broken heart of mine .
Popping memories leave me giddy like a teen
I flush with thoughts grazing my cheeks when you smile at me.
Sprinkling from above tiny musings allowing my heart to release
the gentle sparks igniting the flames that keep my soul at ease.
Skipping through my mind as the rain burns my eyes
fading into the smoky abyss as you turn to say goodbye.



Where is the thunder ,
no raindrops, the air is still and dry, my body lies weak.
The lightening has passed, I am no more, for you were that storm inside of me.
Where is that flame
that burned so deep, so intense
illuminating my eyes
Perhaps it’s resting
allowing my soul to heal, gathering it’s courage in a smoldering disguise

®2018 SabrinaYoung

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