The Beginning / Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

Poem by Sadiqullah Khan


The Beginning

Invoke I, sage saint of the love perils –
Of the soul freed ftom iron-chain
Either little men run or give way
If love hath a human incarnation
Yet invisible, – and the numbers, who
Out of numbness, – escape the vecessitude
Deep presence, – you burn your desires
By your own stock, – your own woodsticks
See them ash, – yet would another holy
Consciouness arise?, – we need not
Bother. For life’s ardent strike
Is terribly sweatful and to move ahead
To an unknown future with baggage
Of abject poverty. They beg on your door.
They sing and dance themselves out –
Sage, – I seek an invocation, – for how
My tongue a song say, my finger write
Not a homage other not your eye guide
Where the air breathes love-verse
You scribed under the frail tree scant
Or if forgetfulness be not the habit
Of amnesiac ardour so vhemently powerful –
Or the object of my love none other
Than the love’s memory or tears on cheek.

– My visit to Bhit Shah Sindh


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