Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



Let our life beam in the rays of freedom
Help me to fight the nefarious thralldom
With the genuine weapons of truthfulness
That can change our sadness into bliss.

Architect our life with flawless humanity
As the only power of bringing in us a placidity
As the only pillar of bestowing on us a hope
As the only spirit of lifting us with its rare rope

With the love, our life never exhibit the tears
But to display an aplomb without any fears
Let my life embrace tightly your pristine love
Love of rescuing us from an ogreish glove.

The blissful living be greatest with harmony
Harmony of helping us to quell a cacophony
Let our life lick the sweetest cream of Justice
Justice of treating us with the gorgeous affiance.

Let our life touch the heavenly rainbow’s glory
That assist us to narrate the unities of story
Like the tricolor rainbow with a common goal
Let our life recite every poem of tranquil goal



Let us build the world with bricky placidity
As the part of beaming the living of people
And caring the people’s Life with positivity
And destroying all the weapons of hostile

Every voice of peace , love and harmony
Surely helps to quell the pure spirit of strife
And bury every pieces of purest cacophony
And rescue the world from deeply strifeful life

Let our pristine wisdom be the grain of peace
Grow bigger inside the world’s ground of war
And its big roots hold the world without race
And adamantly wisdom beam the worldly pillar

Let the water of peace flow on the world’s contours
Like the confluence of flowing in its channels
As the greatest sign of washing out the rancor
From all the large and small areas of the world.


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