Poems by Membis Godwin Chukwukamma

Poems by Membis Godwin Chukwukamma



Sweetness of affection
Bitterness of separation

We will surly miss each other
But the lonliness and tears
Is part of what love brings
So we must be strong for each other
For in our heart is a fever we can’t cure



I have been cursed by your pure passion
Never to trade my heart for another lady
You have convinced me with fine affection 
That none can love me better and steady

I hope you know I feel the same for you
Just the way I feel cold when rain is heavy
When it unleashes it’s anger to beat you
And I am near the chimney of coals glowy

Now we are just like two beautiful trees
Planted beside each other, our branches
Clinched as we shade ourselves like canopy
Oh! Sweet Love, you are my favorite therapy

You make me do the unimaginable. Baby it is true
That I make you do things you vowed never to do
Most times I also go against myself because of you
And I always realize at last it is the best thing to do

Mummy called me for our morning prayers
In praise and worship but my mind in love
I am thinking of you, you have won my faith
You have become my goddess and my love.



When Loneliness says Hi!
In great speed you come slowly
Even when my battery is low
You keep my phone ringing
Trespassing on my timeline
Never commenting on any post

Our home should be psychiatric
Because we are a perfect lunatic
What if I say you inject laziness into my spine
And gradually you are becoming my occupation

Notifications beeping an album
I have missed voice and video calls
What the hell are we even talking
Nothing, but we keep discussing

No matter how deep affection has dug
Each day seems like sprouting green
Now I have become fond of you
More than anyone in a movie scene

The breeze has started blowing
And I am trying so much to listen
I listened and I am listening without ease
But your voice alone I am hearing

While I am dreaming
You are still the one I’m seeing
How did we come this far?
You do not know
And I can not even find an answer
Maybe we are carrying empty skulls
Our hearts full of energy to keep going

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