OH MY MOTHER / Poem by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan

Poem by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan



Why you are tightlipped
and muted your voice 
for everything and ever.
You never disclosed
your mind and heart
for any hurts and comforts,
you kept your lips locked
for all you come across all the way.

Silence and smile were your response
for your pains and strains.
It surprised me
when my friends told me
about thier mothers too,
as I am excited to understand
that patience is inculcated in all women
in the name of society,
culture, religion and community.

I wonder about the embodiment
of incomparable love, affection,
mercy as the traits of womanhood.

I know how you bear
your thirst and hunger
so as to feed everyone in your home.
You disown your desires
and compromise
to satisfy simple wishes of others.

I realise you forgone your self
as and when a word of command come
from your father and husband.

Now you are trying to be submissive
even to your own son
bored in your womb.

Mom, you disclose your heart,
taste, likes and comforts
you have been longing but hidden,
at least to me
at this time of your death,
open your mouth
without fear or fervour,
because I am not sure
that I could perpetuate
my care for you ever.

© Dr.Ezhil Vendhan

8 thoughts on “OH MY MOTHER / Poem by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan

  1. Very Kind of You Dear Friends for your wonderful poetic mind. My best regards to Dear Friend Agron Shele.

  2. Yes, indeed a mother is a sacred gift bestowed upon a husband and children. In silence they carry so much fear for their children and always place others first, even when they cry inside. Your poem is a beautiful reminder of what we have in a mother and how blessed we truly are. A very splendid description of the sacrifices they make for us and how fortunate we are to have mothers that care. A woman’s life ends with the marriage to a man and the birth of a child. No more woman but wife and mother, always having to be there for the family, pity we are not taught these things when we are young, so we can reciprocate and help her by being loving, kind children. Well done, Ezhil, heart touching poem. 👍👍🌈🌈🌈

  3. mom … is power … which all the words of the world cannot explain her feelings … her love … but our dear d.Ezhil could describe these feelings ….. congratulations ….. dear

  4. Its timely on Women’s Day. A tear has fallen cause I realized that I couldn’t understand my mother, but you already have. My mother passed away about 4 years back. I looked after her well as I thought it was my responsibility but after reading your lovely poem only I saw what I had missed to understand. Thanks. 🙏

  5. This is such an awesome poem my friend regarding your mother. I like the flow of the words and the impact of the message. It moves gently down the page based on its architecture and readability, not difficult at all. I like how the theme or the morale of the story resonates throughout the poem regarding you and your mother. I like how you personalized the poem with the use of the first person “you” and “I” for a delicate contrasting and shifting from one individual to the next as you voiced your thoughts to your mother. Your descriptive excellence sends vivid images of love and affection by you for your mother and vice versa. I appreciate the way you started the poem with the questioning techniques of your mother being lip with a muted voice. The question draws the reader into the poem for a deeper understanding and a visualization of the author’s mindset while writing the poem. It also sets the tone, pace, and understanding of the other verses or stanzas. Mothers are truly God’s gift to the earth to heal it from its pain and suffering, especially since man has failed in providing good husbandry for God’s creation. Mothers have been the backbone and field marshal of their families, societal advancements, cultural endeavors, sustainment of religious activities, and community affairs. They are sincerely blessed by God and by faith they will receive their rewards in His Kingdom. Congratulations to all the mothers on this International Women’s Day. May God continue to shine His perpetual light upon them and you always for writing this awesome poem for your mother. I can feel your pain because I too grieved for my mother’s home going to God’s Kingdom. Blessings always!

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