Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



Cold foggy winter gradually giving way
Season of spring is beautiful everyday
Crimson rays above the sky on display
Golden colours brighten up the day

Enthralling season of spring is charming
Enchanting scenery and hues it bring
Colourful flowers blooming everywhere
Fresh fragrance perfuming the air

Spring is the season for celebration
Everyone smiling in jubilation
Green meadows are captivating sight
It kindles hopes in rhythm of life

Birds are singing song of freedom
Butterflies sipping nectar on blossoms
Nature is an epitome of beauty
The splendour of spring brings harmony.



Let yesterday’s problems be bygone
Welcome the break of dawn
Sing and dance with the birds happily
Let golden sun rays shine on you daily

Everyday is a brand new start
Bring cheers and joys to your heart
Fresh hopes and new dreams to achieve
Everything is possible if you believe

Move forward with enthusiasm
Take action with confidence
Determination and persistence
Will lead you to your destination

Never give up, never stop dreaming
Develop your courage to keep striving
Obstacle in life is a challenge
It is a learning process and experience

Pursue your goals and dreams you hold
Life is meant to enhance your soul
Everyday comes with new opportunities
Optimism fuels achievement in your life’s journey.



Inhaling intoxicating breath on your face
You dwell in my soul with essence of love
I feel the warmth in your tight embrace
Glorious moment together fills with mirth.



In the evening when the sun is setting
Sweet romantic love song is playing
I’m waiting for you patiently
A table for two to dine and wine happily

The moment you appear in front of me
I am lost for words completely
Your beauty captures me immensely
The sparks in your eyes send chemistry

My heart is palpitating, yearning for love
You’re demure and beautiful as dove
Tonight, moment with you is a blessing
I wish to reveal to you my feelings.

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