Behare Daja Kasa (Albania)

Behare Daja Kasa (Albania)
Behare Daja Kasa was born in Rrogozhine,Kavaje.After she finished her middle school she started to study in university for Literature in Aleksander Xhuvani,Elbasan.Her relationship with poetry has started when she was a little girl and her poetrys have been published in lots of periodic portals and lots of periodics Language!The tea in her poetrys is that she use many form of poems,from the rhymes to the free ranges,message followed by the reality as well as the perceived figure to write the reader of poetry today, and as an expression of metaphysical notions to present this world full of ornaments and colors.Currently she works as Literature amd Language teacher.A passion that is related with the subject she is graduated.
And it comes a moment when nothing matters,
even the words which were said,
except fatigue and annoyance,
nothing precious left.
And it comes a moment when the wave,
of the pristine sea,
cant wipe out of the sand moments itself,
which left carved merchandise.
And the moment itself suffer from the pain,
when the wave devours,
in the open wounds is left only salt,
and the pain screams.
With you
I would want to come at you tonight,
up there in the middle of your miracles,
In the middle of your trees,your gardens,
In the middle of the smells of
old vines which drank with brandy smell,
beautiful roses,
especially near it.
To come near that fountain in your house,
to wash my eyes with snow water,
and as a child to built the snowman.
I will dress it with your scarf,
and the hat,
and everything yours except heart,
because i want it to beat,
not to freeze,
to listen in silence,
to feel in silence
and in the middle of silence to feel me.
And you smile with me and with our maddnes
I would want to be together in the middle of natyre
without limit,
behind you,
behind everything yours,
because i’m with you,
because i’m at you,
near you,
and we are together.
But i’m so scared for this,
I’m scared from my own shadow,
from myself,
cause myself is my worst enemy
i have said this to you once,
and you said don’t forget….
And i understood what you wanted to say,
i understand,
cause i was expecting nothing from you,
but i only adore your being.
If one day you get tired of me,
go away for some time and find your peace,
in one other hair or other beat,
in other moment that only you know.
To say go,i know,it’s hard,
but better than hostage,better would be,
take me spunk,or even hate,
but i can’t be different in no way.
And forget my shy face,
forget my eyes which you wanted so hard,
-you have beutifull eyes so often you said,
sad eyes,beautifull grey eyes.
And forget my hair which with pleasure you looked at it
and between fingers you ruffles them,
please forget,forget even commodity
and forget the moments when eagerly you waited.
And if one day you suddenly appear,
and if you return again in your old shelter,
for one thing i will please to return,
retun me all your old human being.

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