Poems by Asha Kiran Sharma

Poems by Asha Kiran Sharma
Yes , I am proud to be a woman.
A wonderful mother for children.
An outstanding friend for others.
Marvellous daughter for parents.
Adorable sister for brothers & sisters.
Nicest gift to man from God , I am.
Every man have to know the value of
She struggles till the day of her last breath.
She does her best with sweet smile for all.
She is kind hearted beautiful creation of God.
Battle of life
Destiny writes my fate on ocean
My wishes too, are in motion
Ocean has no ends
My wishes I tend.
I try to paint my dreams on it
With in a blink of an eye
Not scared of stormy water
That washes them all.
May be colours gather and
Inspired me to live again
Still sailing on boat with
Hurt heart that knows no defeat.
The battle is still on
To dye life again
Seafaring on same boat
Scared least of rain & storm.

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