Dr. Ram Sharma (India)

Dr. Ram Sharma
Dr. Ram Sharma is an accomplished poet and writer both in English and Hindi in the field of literature. He has added many feathers to his cap.As a student he has been exceptionally brilliant student from class first to M.Phil He did his doctorate on ` Post-Modernist Trends in Indian Novels in English: A Study of Anita Desai ,Arun Joshi, Amitav Ghosh and Vikram Seth..He is a renowned poet, critic, reviewer and translator.His poetry is indeed of very high order which is read throughout the world.He has several research papers , articles, poems and reviews published in esteemed journals , magazines and newspapers
of India and abroad including Poets International[ Bangalore] , Bizz Buzz[ Mysore], Rock Pebbles[ Orissa],Contemporary Vibes[
Chandigarh]Skylark[ Aligarh]Shine[ Tamilnadu] Poetcrit[ Himachal Pradesh]Indian Book Chronicle [ Jaipur], The Vedic Path[ Haridwar] Metverse Muse[ Vishakhapattnam], Young Poet[ Tamilnadu] Poetry Today[Kolkata] Storm [Kolkata]Samvedna[ Mangalore ]Pegasus[Agra] Hyphen[ Shimla]IJPCL[Kerala], Indo-Asian Literature[New Delhi]Replica[Cuttack],Bridge-In Making [Kolkata] Cyber Literature[Patna] Points of View [Ghaziabad ],Kohinoor[Bihar],Voice of Kolkata[ Kolkata],Re-Markings[Agra]
Besides this his works has appeared in such web journals like Muse India,Boloji.com, Literary India, Neo-poet,Academic India,
IndianEnglish LiteratureForum, Impressions Online Journal,Creative Saplings .His poems are showing presence in foreign e-journals like Poems-hunter.com,Voices-net.com,Coffe-connection.com,Autumn Leaves,The Houston Literary Review,Asian-American poetry.com, PoetrySketch Book etc.He has to his credit eight poetry volumes Muse (2002), Serene Moments (2008), A String of Words (2009), Poets for World Peace – Volumes 1 and 2 (2010), Anthologies 1 (2011), Lamp of Love (2015), OM santih santih santih (2015, co-author).
He has also contributed editing on 22 anthologies in English Literature. At present he is working as associate professor and Head of the department in English in J.V.P.G. College, Baraut, Baghpat, U.P., India.He is editor-in-chief of two international journals RUMINATIONS and GLIMPSES.
I go on thinking usually,
afterall what are you?
perhaps you are a song of the poet,
or you are lotus in the lake,
i keepin on thinking gazing the stars,
as much i think about you,
i drown in the sea of memories,
are you the fragrant summer eve ?
or the first sunshine after showers,
the much i thought about you,
the more i got you
send and twee others poems.
is like,
having a burning coal,
in his hands,
and burning himself,
it is a volcano,
destroys all the limbs,
it is an earthquake,
that shakes itself,
it is a bomb-blast,
that blasts its own body,
it is a bullet that kills himself,
drive away anger.
The evening descended from the sky
every corner filled with unwanted pain
the evening entered in the room
standing alone desolate
the mind became dark hole
all colours of hope disappeared
unwanted pain has entered
to grow new sun of hope.
Don`t call me in the dream,
the eyes become clouds,
and these starts pouring pearls,
don`t make me remember those days,…
when heaven descends in the lap,
the moon laughed in our life,
the moonlit fragrant nights,
aches us to writhe,
a dream-call,
to move forward
is ok my friend.

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