Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


The spring murmurs

Walking toward the coming spring
Listening to the murmuring breeze
Looking into petals of Rose’s
Telling me promises of loving things
Getting unfold with spring’s tease
Beautifully colored,pure and shy
A short romance of love and grace
What is life..a journey to face
A moment to pass,in a forever light….


Was there love…i wonder

Storming waves near stop cascading
Foamy white devastating the shore
Angry clouds running. .following 
Lost dreams to eternity and more ..

Sails dissapeared TO unseen horizons
No guiding hoped lights, to look for
No sparkling forgotten stars
Rain continues crying heartly ,..as never before..

Inside…the house Is quite calm
Roses remain in vases, untouched
Peacefully silent..beautifully warm
Just your fragrance mingling around..
Funny, I am not hurt..not feeling pain
No stormy rage..No tears to waste
Like a sculpture. .watching the outside rain
No energy to revolt ,or to accept..

Is there a way to clean..love dust
Of a whole life..together
With Masks,hiding a fake trust
Was there ever love..I wonder…


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