Walk weightless / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali


Walk weightless

Walk weightless
On most kissed eyelashes
Of a rose in the middle of a dream
Or it will burst open lips
of a maddening arousal
Can you stand a sudden awakening
While sitting in the eye of a forest
Can you resist
the cacophony hidden In the canopy of trees….

Listen breathless
To rains in the sun
the legs of a lark leaving
the peace of water
Wings unburdening from what was unnecessary
Do you confess and believe
an urgent need to close your eyes
When standing before you is the likeness of a god….

Sit invisible
And Touch the beauty of an ascension
A moment breaking free
From the boundaries that say what is right and what was wrong
Shaken loose is the strand
around your neck
And like tears of joy
Liquid pearls begin to pour down
Surrendering only to touch…………

All Rights Reserved
© Santiago 2019


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