A Dream Of Island / Poem by Irannii Saikia 

Poem by Irannii Saikia 


A Dream Of Island 

I have seen a land
And imagined an Island
Through the imaginary line.
Between Arctic and Antarctic circle.
Beyond darkness within sunlight
Neither cold nor winter.

I tried to play from land masses
With the colours of glory.
Set on a icecap
within new Hope’s,
I need to carry
Lots of peace
And a bucket of flouries
Through poetries.
It may be enable
To sit on a ship of iceberg.
When the masses of ice
Shall be move all around
From a land to Island.

Those mountains, though enshroud by snow,
It may be replace into a lake or sea
If I shall give my warm hug
Within a majestic colours and poetry.
I need to sail as a sailor
From north to south pole
Sit on a iceberg and sun Ray’s.
Through the imaginary line
I was imagined
That rising Ray’s with you all
On above the horizons.
May be a colourful festive
We shall celebrate !
Where the sun does not rise.


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