O Narcissus! / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
O Narcissus!
When all else is dead and dormant
Peeps out this first sunny bloom heralding spring
Emblem of renewal and hope
Yellow , white ,orange symbolising rebirth with the first valiant bulbs that sprout
Through the icy ground
The preferred flower of Wales
A soul stirring sight as it invades the green grassy meadows and knolls
Inviting poetry from Wordsworth ,this delicately fragrant blossom
Call it a Daffodil, Jonquil,
Paper white or Narcissus
It always brings a smile
Greek for narcotics ,this Narcissus , son of a river god and a nymph
Myth recounts his obsession with himself
So beauteous was he
Drowned in the river as he fell in love with his own reflection
Flowers sprang up by the waters
Now named Narcissus
Beauties who are vain are often presented with a bunch of daffodils
As a single one brings misfortune they say !
The egoist’s flower for Victorians
Harbinger of wealth and prosperity for Chinese
Give it for baby showers , births or celebrations
Take it for a depressed friend
Make a beloved smile after illness or loss
Enliven your dining table with a ‘”host of golden daffodils “
Bring in the countryside on a
Tea table laden with warm scones
It can cure cancers this butter hued Lent Lily
A March birthday flower and for 10th anniversary too
Come with me to inhale the sensuality
Of this Nargis on an ethereal spring day
Senses befuddled with euphoric blasts .
Copyright 9.1.2018

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