Poems by Chad Norman

Poems by Chad Norman


for Mel

All the blinds must be opened in the morning
in the home I never needed
to board an unexpected voyage to find,
to end up owning in a country
known around the world as Canada
where I would have to begin again,
finding enough jobs to finally
bring my family back together
after not being able to see my wife
and young son for the seven years it took
to watch them walk into the airport
near the town we can all call our place
where we will find lives both new & sane.
No, I never had to survive that.

To know how alive I am in the moment
comes due to his story of how he had to,
to begin a relationship with all things new,
things being how-tos, why-nots, what-ifs
or at times should I stay or should I stay?
And how alive I am in the moment also
can be gauged by never forgetting the sight
of his happiness and trying to imagine it,
only to accept I cannot, perhaps, just for now.
Yes, together, we chased a weekly pay-cheque.

Mel is short for Melanio.
Mel is short for Melanio.

A man from the Philippines,
who let his country before the foreign litter
was supposed to be a promise of
usable plastics, shipped by a saboteur
he even would have known as Harper,
shipped for the purpose of recycling what
is now being returned, an expense no new
man, no new taxpayer should have to pay.
Maybe, I too, want my homeland a difference.

There is no limit to any chance for change,
our so-called leaders no matter their errors,
no matter their unbearable duration in office,
seem to have an endless source of others
lined up eager to be replicas of them.

Some, then, ask why bother leaving homelands?
Some choose not to see and accept the reasons.
All I wish to say is welcome over and over!



the colour of,
enough to
keep us
a devolved species.

Our planet
is waiting for otherwise,
have you noticed
how patient
it remains?

borders mean little
in certain minds,
may those minds
become our leaders.

A small matter of inclusion
I will share with you,
Canada has no need
for any lack of possibilities.

Canada has needs
I see being a citizen,
most are easily supplied
as those from other nations
continue to be the reminders,
those who choose us,
those somehow able to decide
to leave where War is,
to leave where their parents thrived,
to leave what offers nothing
for the children they keep alive.

we are given in the beginning
when we are so little,
so brilliant our eyes
are the only colour
we allow to be any influence to cause some loving commentary,
no reason for any dispute.

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