What I learned today! / Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun

Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun
What I learned today!
Got recipes from a newspaper in a jiffy,
And learned to make barfi.
Always thought an impossible thing for me.
In fact, I had never tried properly.
I also tried baking
Spent more than two hours kneading
And baking ultimately to see the loaf of bread,
Tasty and leavened.
Also learned about Mirza Ghalib’s poetry,
All the time was his to write freely
But my God, he was a heavy gambler
Marriage made him feel like a prisoner.
All of us have flaws,
Trying afresh brings substantial surprises
How lucky that I learned to make barfi and bread,
Boosting me to use my potentials to go ahead.

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