Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


My muse

Leaping between magical moments
Words running in front of me
Became again the child of heaven
I joy..I pray ..i wait to see..

The river keeps flowing with time
Muse ripples in glowing shine
My heart is a sailor in loving clime
Intoxicating me a forever wine…

Days scroll toward eternity
My door to escape into fields of freedom..
Beyond a world of banality
To a paradisiac garden where flowers bloom..

Naked Angel with wings of love
Under a sky of raining grace
Snow flakes of blessing from above
Butterfly sucking nectar of life’s face….



Soul in longings..wandering
On deserted field of faded lights
Lovelorn birds returning fearfully of
Imminent darkness of coming nights
Tunes of nowhere echoing silently
Unbearable pain of your sudden depart…
Drown the world in a flowing nothingness
Exhorting a meagre hope in that heart….


Waves in move

In that hollow path of loneliness
I wandered searching for lost moments
Where being was entrapped 
In magic’s illusion,and love’s remnants…

How far I went on that way
Solely detached,and free
In deep hole ,in a gloomy gray
With ghosts. Of deserted trees..

Like on moving waves,
I sailed in your ocean
Stormy passion..and dying tide
Moments up…and hours down
Till I had to let go..and save my pride…

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