Poems by Aabha Rosy Vatsa

Poems by Aabha Rosy Vatsa



It is true that my mother gave birth to me
It is true that I learned the essence of a woman
From my amazing mother
But I got the of imprints of my soul
From my father
As Mum was always occupied in household chores
Raising four young girls

So am I my father’s, daughter?
I feel so!

You taught me the love of proverbs and quotations

By quoting them to impart values

You taught me tenderness and caring
By tending to the broken wings of a sparrow

You taught me the virtues of patience
By carefully wrapping home grown custard apples in newspapers to ripen

You taught me humility
By showing me the fruit laden tree

You taught me to appreciate Nature and a love of gardening
By your green fingers and amazing kitchen garden

You taught me that lazy habits could be overcome
By citing the example of green stick which could bend unlike the hard stick brown one

You taught me to embrace a new culture
As you made us comfortable in Zambia

You taught me the importance of hard work
By not only making me studious, but practising diligence in life

You taught me economy
By living and practising an economical lifestyle

You taught me to celebrate life
By always preparing for festivities

You taught me the importance of laughter
By cracking jokes

You taught me the love for the world
By encouraging my stamp collection

You taught me the virtue of a big heart
By quoting the Punjabi proverb
‘Rab neetan nu bhaag laganda hai”

You taught me the importance of good handwriting
By making me practise cursive handwriting

You taught me grace
By being generous to one and all

But your greatest gift of all is SPIRITUALITY

For you taught me to surrender at the feet of the Lord

A sense of wonder at every creation of His

Be it the fathom less ocean
The towering Redwoods
The lofty mountains
The life giving rivers
Or the flora and fauna

Together you and Mum formed a winning team
To impart the best values to your daughters
An apt example for me to emulate

Today on Father’s day
I offer you this humble poem
In full gratitude
‘My father’ s Daughter’



O you world, with the vistas of crimson and grey
Raging storms and beauteous rainbows
Violent gorillas and nurturing lionesses
The poet in me bows down to the spectacular spectrum of life

O you world with the angry suicide bombers
Killing innocent children and ravaging families
Uprooting children and women from home
The poet in me bows down to the cities that welcome refugees

O you world, the heinous world of drugs shock me
The senseless raping and butchering of kids leaves a chill in my heart
I would have wept through the night
But the poet in me warms up to the loving hands of the care givers

O you world, the hypocrisy of liars astounds me
The manipulations and devious games leave me speechless
The breach of trust breaks my heart
But the poet in me sheds tears on encountering kindness

O you world, the selfish greed of the industrialists pains me
Turning the planet into a cauldron of concrete jungle
The speed with which species are becoming extinct brings tears to my eyes
But the poet in me rejoices at Youth Climate Strike

O you world with loads of sins and pitfalls
It is the wonder of the creator that keeps me going
It is the undeniable faith in the creator that brings back the smiles
It is the poet in me that rejoices at the creator.

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