Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



When I enter into the world of poetry
It has changed my life completely 
Now I am rewriting my own story
To create the best of my destiny

A new chapter of my life has begun
I see new life in the sun
I love everything that is beautiful
I write to inspire the hopeful

Life moments bring me answers
Action taken to bring dreams closer
Writing positively calms my soul
Sweet lyrics from my heart unfolds

In moments of hope, poetry is powerful
It heals souls, makes life meaningful
Inspires those troubled minds
Makes them realise there is hope in life

Poetry is a wonderful soothing song
Enlightens your heart with lyrics warm
Words of essence heal minds beautifully
Connect the world with powerful poetry.



In the early dawn of the morning
Birds are singing, bees buzzing 
To fill your ears with melody
Welcome the fresh morning glory

The sun is beaming brightly
Displaying crimson rays radiantly
Light penetrating through the trees
Kissing the meadow softly

Clouds gently swirling
Drifting in the direction of the wind
Chilly breeze is swaying
Listen to the music whispering

Eagles soaring high above the sky
Enjoying freedom as they fly
Fluttering their strong wings freely
Singing songs of liberty and harmony

Above the hill, relish the beautiful view
Pearly dewdrops on grassy field
Enjoy the sweet fragrance it brings
Keep your mind and soul refreshing.



In the gush of the winds
Creeping into your dream
To warm your soul
When you feel cold

Caress your heart
Giving tender touch
Whispering softly
Sweet words lovingly

Essence of love
Captivating as doves
Pure and divine
As intoxicating as wine

Pearl in the oyster
Glistening and sparkle
Cherish me, your treasure
Moments of pleasure

The lustre of love glorifies
It glows and shines
Is understood by my heart
Pristine love beautifully irrupts.

© Lilian Woo 
All Copyrights Reserved 

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