Poems by Matthew Pollock

Poems by Matthew Pollock
Floating On Forever
Eyes of crystal blue, reflecting her image
Lost shadow soul, a constant scrimmage
Floating on forever, heart that angels sing
Vision hiding thoughts, demons that begin
Her circle of friends, life that’s just begun
Setting lofty goals, yet only winning some
Blinded by dreams, nights lead into day
Direction of her journey, passing her way
Stopping of repetition, comfort to divide
Wisdom in numbers, swallowing her pride
Stepping out alone, adulting her next step
Finding her meaning, only she can accept
Heading off home, her childish again now
Mother making dinner, watching her frown
Growing up to quickly, nurtured little soul
Taking baby steps, to a much larger goal
© Matthew Pollock (2019)
My Stitches
You left me bleeding, blood covered scars
Our love of forever, now lost in the stars
Always here for you, and you here for me
Blinded by your life, was all you could see
Sharing what’s real, my heart to inspire
Clearly not enough, to retract your desire
Singing broken tones, our song unknown
Slowly reflects back, to my silence zone
Patching the meaning, my anger still alive
Always moving forward, a way to survive
A hymn sung by angels, wings to explore
Emotions that I know, that I used to adore
My own words; just a needle and thread
Now trying to recover, get slowly ahead
My stitches removed, your painful blow
Goodbye my demon, it’s now time to go
© Matthew Pollock

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