Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra

Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra
A touch by nude dreams
With flame of ecstasy
I swim to the ends of time
Singing song of flowing life.
In darkness of blue
I welcome you
With primitive rites
Dreams sealed tight.
Clouds offer feathers
Colours of auroras
Wander in heavenly winds
Unveil the mystery of tide.
Ripples of smiles
With rhymes of love
Overflows a milky stream
Rushes to wild sea .
We play music ceaseless
Smile of innocence
Enfolded in love emotions
Arrives spring with passions.
Unending unrest …
Deep in the nectar in my nest
Reach the zenith of ecstasy
Merge in cosmic dust for a moment .
Memories …
Like fairy dreams
Mystery of foamy waves
Drift to a tormented shore .
Song of souls
Celebrations of togetherness
At the confluence
Of swirling rivers .
A lovers dream
Lost in Ajanta
In colours of frescoes
Dazzling gems of floral rumours
Orchestra of soulful melody
Dance in romantic rhapsody
Transient elusive beauty
A dream of glimpse of eternity .
A petalled pleasure
Fragrance of rose
Touch of forked cactus
A fading rainbow.
Memories …
Swim up and down
Concealed in the heart
Of ceaseless rolling sea .
Meteoric precipitation
Life … a stream flows for its purification
Through widespread downwarps
In seaward slope , search for self perfection.
It overflows , at times diminished flow
Life dwindles away altogether
A ray of hope shows the door
In infinite essence to merge alone .
From source to the sea
With an irresistible urge to seek
Slowly flow through endless aeons
Leading towards peak of perfection .
Sacred waves roaring high
Treading along the path to rise
Time and again , here and now
In dark night , a solitary light seems to glow .
In deep silence life’s move
Union with supreme , eternal truth
In still moments of vibrant silence
Life reaches the depth of its essence.
In her best raiment
When nature rejoice
Life flourishes .
We open our hearts
Wave our hands
Dance in circle
In praise of Divine
With words and deed
Consume wine of dew .
Feel fragrance of spring
Warmth of winter
Fruits of autumn
Breeze in summer .
Life germinates
When your love penetrates.
Rajashree Mohapatra©

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