Poem by Bam Dev Sharma

Poem by Bam Dev Sharma



During the morning tides
The wily plants look intoxicated
Surcharged with warmth
Of balmy rays
Trawling over tall hills
To tenderly caress
The slum huts
Rife with turbulent tales
After chilly spell of the night.

Dreamy eyes of the sky
Across luscious valleys
And white pigeons fly
Through gleaming horizons
In sprightly glide
Like our irresistible human wishes
In feathery waltz
Pricking the serene horizons.

Desperate hearts strive
For moments of solace
Tossing our dribbling reveries
Like the wind
Playing with dry leaves!



The morning wind
Darts to whisper
Towards tall trees across hills 
As if they are beloved
Standing in numb modesty
Glazed in blush.

The impregnated maroon sky
Showers graceful rays
Which spread over the lands
And mix with rhymes of love
Echoing over the sky.

The pigeons coo on the roof
Fluttering wings
And begin to cajole with morning rays
Then human hearts are filled
With perennial gratitude
The songs of dawn!



They advised me to run,
And I did so.
They asked me to pause,
That too I did.

Some began to say:
You could have paused but you ran.
And others remarked:
You could have run but you paused.

I did not question what they said
But got persuaded as an obedient child
That they would help me
In attaining a journey I liked.

But I was dazzled to know
That I lost my pace
In the process of run and pause
Without treading
Any track of my freewill
But mere mechanical drill of their chores!

But please never fail me
That I did not get anything:
I now know from my freewill:
“Let’s make a pace
On our own
Without seeking confounding advice
For a journey that we desire
Whether that would require pause or run!”

Copyrights by
Bam Dev Sharma
Tribhuvan University, Nepal

One thought on “Poem by Bam Dev Sharma

  1. dear Bam Dev Sharma jee.
    Your poems are wonderful… I allways pray for your Health, creativity and for your loving personality. Stay Blessed. Ayyub Khawar

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