Poems by Dr. Lsr Prasad

Poems by Dr. Lsr Prasad 



And its holder with a sneer and brought out its forked ruddy tongue,
Hissed a few words in serpent language and swayed its hood in harangue,
-I don’t care or hear your music but I will strike you in my time strong,-‘
Who will understand its frustration like Solomon the wise among the throng?

The been is in full flow but the snake is a bit low because its mouth is stitched,
The snake charmer is hungry and the show is slow, people are yet to be bewitched,
The snake charmer’s child is hungry yet did some somersaults and the crowd swelled,
The snake is also hungry and looking for a way out and there danger spilled,

Then the child danced like a snake and people clapped and cheered,
Her father garlanded her with that snake and with fear the crowd shuddered,
He beat the drum, announced the magic roots that can remove any poison,
And final act started but nobody noticed the breaking of stitches in fate’s liasion

The cobra hissed in full force and showed its fangs and the child fell down,
The crowd clapped and cheered but the child was coughing froth in showdown.
The shrill and rattle of death came in spasms and fading facial shine,
Her father understood the language of death and ran to her in hope vain…

(The snake charmer’s child survived with antivenom,
The snakes survived because of new laws of saving nature’s kingdom,
The snake charmers are going to be extinct
In time’s beating drum,
Yet many myths about snakes and serpents survive in haunting wisdom. )

Copyright @dr Lsr Prasad 16.6.2019



In the realms of cacophony music gets tragic drubbing,
In the dry sands of desert Roses get hot wind clubbing,
In the assembly of scribblers calligrapher gets big warning, 
In the murder of crows cuckoo gets thrown out of the gathering.

In the land of lilliputians Gulliver was much abominable and abnormal,
In the country of cyclops a person with two eyes is a strange animal,
In the zone of oppressive silence a pin drop noise seems irritable and unbearable,
In the race of zombies a free thinker is a rebel and legally punishable.

When this sycophancy touches the zenith zero tolerance is practiced,
Extermination of the rare reaches out of proportion and laws are sliced,
The streets of dominance reverberate with the ridicules of underdogs chained,
The temples of justice are handled by the perpetrators of crime with love drained.

We have proved many times that we don’t like healers or prophets sent from Highrise,
We are in such a critically ill state we deny our disorder and live in fool’s paradise.

Copyright @dr Lsr Prasad 15.6.2019



They closed the entry gate and opened the updated human follies register,
The connecting flight came late and the convalescence ward is looking sinister,
Saint Peter at the gate forgot his keys and there was a lot of crowd in bad temper,
If entry to heaven is this much erratic what would be the inside services in offer!

Online I booked my ticket, to fly over the ninth cloud to reach my final destination,
I thought I have positive sin and virtue ratio in the account of grace nomination,
Guards at the entrance said poets have to go to hell first, to be tested for damnation,
And suffer for the atrocities they have committed on the innocent reader nation.

They x-rayed my luggage and found paper, pen and ink and put me in quarantine,
Seized my literary certificates, PAN, aadhar card and found discrepancies elephantine,
They said I have written quite a few poems for hell and too many against heaven,
Deported me to hell where I was forced to read and hear all my poetry odds and even;

I woke up with a start and shudder, found myself in a poetry festival filled with love,
All my fears disappeared when we enjoyed the fellowship and blessings from above!

Copyright @dr Lsr Prasad 15.6.2019



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