Poems by Maria Dulce Leitão Reis

Poems by Maria Dulce Leitão Reis



It was written on the slab of time:
[You have to grieve,
to gain the sustenance of body and soul
and live life to the fullest]
To grieve, I already did!
Where is the promised fullness?
Only a glimmer of happiness loomed
Through the grey haze of my sunset.
Like a ray of sunshine on the summer solstice
When the sun shines the longest in the sky
But for me…
A rare phenomenon
That has scarcely dawned, disappeared …
And it just warmed my hand.
And I saw myself in this hurt and contrite present
Through screams and wailings
Wailings of a reborn soul!
Gone are the ghosts
From the past that no longer exists
They were masked illusions
Mould, cobwebs
Blurred visibility
How could I be so narrow-minded!
That’s why I distorted and confused reality
And here I am, crossing my legs
In the limbo between the lie and the truth.
I try to keep my balance
Between the body and the spirit
Between heaven and earth
Between peace and war!
The eyes bulge and bulge
Glimpsing beyond the horizon
And with blood-soaked eyes
I cry for you
And the cry, filled with your name
Echo from hill to hill
But for what?
You’re not the same anymore
From the time that I loved you
I’m not the same
From the time I lost you
Qualities I gained
Others I have reimbursed
Defects I deleted
Others that I have acquired…
Now I don’t need to prove anything
All files are archived
For good behaviour on all sides
It’s enough being just me
Washed face
Heart shaped by the passion
Passion to live the life, that in me doesn’t die
For lack of badly begotten loves
In nooks to be scanned
Virgins and unexplored …
Raised to God in prayer
Where I give myself in full
Because God doesn’t betray me
He is my true friend!



There are things don’t make sense.
Rivers of money are spent
In shrouds and flowers
When there are so many people
Starving to death!




I wanted lap today
Affection and attention

But you are absent




And I, needy
In search of attention …

You no longer have time for me …

I stopped being the owner
Of your heart

But I didn’t stop loving thee!



I want to thank you today
Because I know that things
Don’t happen by chance.
Everything has a reason to be
Everything has a purpose to happen
Many times I do not understand
Why certain things happen
But I believe
That at the right moment, I will understand.
I often forget
From the power of words
I often forget
That they can change
The course of events.
During the trajectory
They are subject to various contingencies.
The force with which they are thrown
The weather conditions
The spiritual state of the recipient
I’m here to thank you
The pleasure you gave me with your company.
You have turned my life from top to bottom
The wonderful feelings
That you have awakened in me
The incredible sensations
You made me experience
Valuable help whenever I needed it
Friendship, love, affection, tenderness
Joy, complicity, harmony
Patience, tolerance, understanding .
For over a year
We were an assiduous presence
In each other’s lives
We sang, we laughed, we cried.
We sang no … You sang for me!
Unforgettable moments
Which I now remember eagerly.
There are so many things
That I have to thank you …
Some of them are here registered
But the most important of all
I want to thank to God
Having put in my path
An absolutely amazing human being
That taught me so much good thing
Dividing with me his wisdom and knowledge
As well as, his emotions
That allowed me to see the world
Through his eyes, his heart and his soul.
We shared pains and joys
And I felt strong and secure
Having this great travelling companion
Walking beside me
With steady and courageous step.
About me, I learned something.
I’m not mean, I’ve never been
I undress my shirt and I give it
To anyone who needs it
And also for the causes I believe in
I also believe in the power of words
They are sometimes mean to me
They are sometimes mean to others
Sometimes, deliberately or unwittingly
We cast harsh words
They ricochet and hit us and hurt.
I don’t know if the trip is over yet.
For now…
We sat on a rock to rest!
Don’t give up, mate
We’re going to get there!

© Maria Dulce Leitão Reis

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