Poems by Sher Chandley 

Poems by Sher Chandley 


Mapping and Tapping

Mapping myself
All my lines intersect
A kaleidoscope chart 
Of laserlike rays
I am in a boiling nexus
Sitting and tapping my rock
A blue red rock
Rose quartz in the day
Amethyst in the night
Sorting my brainwaves
I find such harmonies
Not discordant hedonism
Within the ambit of my vision
The last wall of Atlantis
Men’s sophistication
Crumbled to dust
Oh , how great once
This forgotten relic
Are we great again
For the earth and time
To swallow our works once more
Like a gaping maw
That swallows and spits dust
Must we build another
Restorative pyramid
To recentre our survival
Just there beyond the treeline
I turned a troll to stone
While scratching his nose
He was the lying president
Of a lying congregation
His warm poison
Now the reality of cold stone

So here I sit
In a harmony
Of perfect wa
With my mother , the earth
Tapping runes in my mind
As the clouds race
Across the moon
And beyond that
A panorama of stars
All blue , red and yellow
Some warm and near
Like red hot stones
Others cold and forlorn
Like chips of blue ice
I feel the dark matter that binds
The dark energy that tears apart
I feel the balance
A moving scale
Everything changes
Yet remains the same
I see the new pharaohs
The thieves and the priests
People doing much the same
With different objects
Is human nature natural ?
There is something
So deliciously cosmic unatural
About us , unnatural supernatural
Free will and all that magic

So here I sit tapping
I think of you
I want to tap you
Like that night
When your lids were heavy
And you smiled with joy
Rolling your shoulders
And swaying your hips
Stepping to the music
Of my love , around and around
In a white print dress
You not here
But you are forever
Dancing around my rock
Now that’s something nice
To tap and tap.

@ Sher Chandley 
2019/06/16 .


Look and Listen !!

Sh….. listen !
Do you hear ?
The whisper on the wind 
The echo in the silence
Not your voice
Not the tv lies
Comfort zone joyful noise
Hear the sounds
Of bittersweet suffering
Hear the truth !

Open your eyes !
Wash them out
Look around
In every corner
Break the hypnotic
The vision of lies
Those movies and shows
It’s not true silly
Yet that’s what you aspire to be
Celebrity heroes of fiction
A cultivated syndrome
Reeking havoc in your mind
Your hero murders the poor
Stereotyped in hate
To keep your bosses rich
They made murder delicious
Look around
See the innocents
Being murdered
While you savor it
Believe your eyes
Not what is
Directed and produced
See the truth

It’s so bad
A poet cannot write the truth
We are told
The truth offends sensibilities
We cannot for fear
Of breaking illusions and delusions
Of those so fatted
On the calf of lies
Is your truth
What your senses report
Or what you have been told
To listen to ?
To look at ?
A manufactured consent .

@ Sher Chandley 
2019/06 /14 .

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