Poems by Sorina Ivan

Poems by Sorina Ivan


The tears

The tears cover our days,
Sadness is our skyline.
Shadows rise in our soul,
Pieces of broken heart
Hidden between the words.
Nothing can change
The black in pink feelings.
Even the masks
Full of smiles.

Our univers is sometime so dark.
Even the stars forgot
The shine of the dreams.

We are so alone
In a world full of eyes
And milliards of words,
What cut and cut the happiness
From millions of lives.

And all are for the next second,
What never know if will be
Or not.

Author: Sorina Ivan
all rights reserved



The sky of my life is full of shadows.
No light.
No hope for Eden
A huge black hole in your words.
Pain without mercy.
Cut and cut.
Only my heart.

My soul …
Same as Sahara.
Of love..

No more tears ..
Is there any begining?!

Author: Sorina Ivan

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