Poem by Tagi Sadik (Azerbaijan) / Translated into English by Ismayilova Mesme

Poem by Tagi Sadik (Azerbaijan)
Man’s life is tangled
Everyone’s fortune has a life story
Someone can’t understand what is it grief…
But someone swelled from the gold .
Try thinking about … what is happening around
Then … you don’t understand the world
Luck , which wasn’t erase from the life.
You can’t erase that was written.
Life is so, know it you, from the first days,
To someone gives luck, but someone grief
Life is a trap, try not to fall….
Gives a rose to someone, but the thistle grows for another.
Affairs of the world , what can you say to this
World , would do it ,what does it want
He can’t look, with the same look
World is great , but you are small particle
You oblige to find a common relation and get on together …
If you go astray, you are taken into the net
Sadik, do not think to go against
Don’t believe the power of the hand even
Grieving divorce us
Me from you …you from me..
Blundered between us
Flaming grief from the words.
Word is the first builder of heart
Word is the page of soul
Word is the gentler of heart
Eyes inspirited from the words
Word is the spring of divinity,
Word is own voice of Shiras
Word is song of Jabbar….
Word separate face from face
Word change the man to ignorant ,
Word makes man for dying ,
There is the word divorce beloved
word …. would felt beloved into disgrace
Translated into English by Ismayilova Mesme

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