Poems by Jenayah Hela Tekali

Poems by Jenayah Hela Tekali
Love is Like The Abyss
Love are the words that can never be said
But transmitted by a Silence that says it all.
The wind is there to carry from soul to soul
The body of air that blows into the heart’s core.
Living in silence gives meaning to life,
there’s a noise inside that never dares to speak
Like a fallen feather from a body of a dead bird
Carrying with it a tornado of words unheard.
Still the Soul is heightened from the body
Silence and Words cannot meet face to face
The inner noise extracates itself from the flesh
Flies higher like arrows into the ethereal space.
Love is the prematured death that gazes at you
Like the abyss reflected upon your scary soul
The more you come closer and closer to it
The deeper the cradle of its mystery baffles you.
The hurricane that lives inside the heart,
Like both edges of hemispheres torn apart
Its magnetic waves pushing you to and fro
While desire and fear move with their ebb and flow.
Jenayah Hela Tekali
The Deluge Of Love
Your love has fallen
Like a deluge upon my skin
I drown and drown
But cannot help myself from
This flood has ravaged my soul
I moan for rescue
But I see myself drowning more and more.
The pain has relieved me,
I no longer feel its stinging aches.
Grant me your cup O Beloved!
Let me fill it with my teardrops while I moan.
Come to me my Beloved!
I want you to feel the pleasure
of drowning, sinking, being soaked, drenched
By the deluge of love.
THERE IS WATER everywhere!
I moan, moan, and moan
This is not a fire, but a deluge
Yet I am not burnt by SCORCHING flames
But EFFERVESCE in its cool water.
Please Beloved! have pity on my soul
Let it be as cold and as safe
As I moan and moan
From the pain of its deluge.
Jenayah Hela Tekali

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