Poems by Joanna Svensson

Poems by Joanna Svensson



I am writing a letter
that I never will send
A little loveletter
That forever will be mine
A letter written
With all of my heart
With all of the most lovely
And honest words
That ever existed

With the most honest words
That I dare color
My feelings with
Feelings that smells
Of the essence of life
Life’ essence is pure love
Love, so unconditionally pure

Love that glows
In red sometimes
That’s when I feel
Your thoughts visiting me
I intensely feel your precense
Although you are
So far away from me

I feel feeble confessions of love
Wrapped in the most beautiful colors if white
But I feel that they are so red
So red inside
So red that they touches
They touches all of me

So that’s why I write this letter
The letter I will never send
The letter that forever will stay
For ever mine – only mine

Because I feel – that all the beautiful feelings
These feelings you also feel
These beautiful feelings
That sometimes shifts
From white to red
From white to red

And then you need no more words
Then you don’t need no more time
Because love has no boundaries
No time – no room!

©® Joanna Svensson



Once again – I come to visit
The old town – where I was born
It feels like butterflies – in my stomach
I feel so happy – I feel so glad
Just like – a little child
Who became a grown up – so long ago
But kept its childlike – sense forever
As for the love – for my old town

I remember – the tortured faces
Of my old town – where I grew up
With bleeding eyes – that in silence
Cried for help – on begging knees
A town, tormented – by evil powers
With a tight rope – around its neck
Cornered – caugt up – helpless – fenced in
Like in a cage – like living dead

It feels like not – so long ago
But still it is – a while although
Today it’s history – the times that passed
Written in – the town’s own blood

But the yoke – was removed forever
The town could rise upon – its feet again
Just like a Phoenix – out of the ashes
It flourished with colors – of life a’new
The colors of life – so ripe, so beautiful
They dress the old town – in future plume
I am so giggly – childishly happy
To once again – see my town of birth
Its lovely name – I often dream of
Its lovely name – I hold so dear

Now once again – I sense the feeling
Of butterflies – in my belly full
I feel so glad – so very happy
Just like a Child – that’s just come home

To meet its birth place – once again!

©® Joanna Svensson

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