Poems by Santiago Ali

Poems by Santiago Ali


When I Think Of You 

When I think of you with my eyes closed
Though independent of sense datum
Or any prior cognition of some ideal dimension
I know you in the daylight and the darkest of the night
The way I know I exist

That you are breathing in the mirror
Seeing your reflection but looking unblinking
Somewhere in the distance
Between your eyes and a beholding face
Speechless and unmoving
Yet like a bird whose pounding heart
Won’t stand this silence a moment more

When I think of you with eyes wide awakened
I see you finding room on ground
Touched, kissed and cuddled by the waltzing storm
And when I say I love you
It’s not that I am under some kind of spell
That your astounding beauty has so often cast upon me
Or that I am yet once again eager to see the miracle of your blushing lips

When I say I love you my princess
I am dying to stir the waters
As we love to do by throwing a sharp flat stone through the surface

Inhabitants of the heavens kindle a ceremonious fire to commemorate the only beautiful thing humans still have been saving on earth…..


Midnight Sun

I am walking on hollowed earth
And I know not I am. Going forward or
Coming backwards
The beginning of an end, the story of
the heaven and the hell

Love in the days of war either lives
a thousand lives in a one true moment
Or not a single night at all
In the arms of one hundred moons

They died like falling leaves. An autumn in the
Midnight Sun was not
What children of most beautiful women had
expected in the ending
Of a fairy tale with no living happily ever after

I am walking on hollowed earth
And I know not I am. A poet or a lover
Who exists therefore he thinks
Or he thinks therefore he exists.

All Rights Reserved 
Santiago 2019©

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